Monday, May 3, 2010

Back in The Saddle... er... Treadmill?

I was finally able to get back to the gym this week after 6 full days of NO running at all.  For those of you who run, I know you can feel my pain.  Becca Sue not getting to run for a week is pretty similar to trying to talk a smoker into quitting cold turkey.  My poor husband can testify to the mood-lifting power of a good run and - inversely - the cranky-monster effect of NOT getting in a good run.  I receive no end of grace, patience and love from this poor man.  I love you honey!

Why the absence?  My toddler had some tooth restoration done on Friday which required him to receive general anesthesia.  In order for him to "go under" he had to be 100% healthy and cold free.  My little guy has a knack for picking up cold bugs at the gym nursery every four weeks or so, and it'd been over two months since the last time he was sick.  Whether it's science or superstition - I wasn't about to risk exposing him to a cold if it meant pushing his tooth restoration off another three months.  The poor kid inherited my rotten teeth and all of his top teeth had cavities.  I didn't believe it at first and we actually sought a second opinion.  That doctor showed me the cavities himself and I was horrified.  Ethan has been telling us his teeth hurt since Christmas and hasn't been using his front teeth to chew for the same amount of time.  We're completely stumped trying to explain what happened.  He doesn't eat sugary treats or candy, and he's only had juice maybe six times in his whole life.  We brush his teeth religiously each night.  The only explanation the dentist could give us was that some kids just have genetically weak enamel.  That makes sense based on my own dental history... but it doesn't make it any easier to let your kiddo get put under and worked on my strangers with sharp instruments.  I'm glad it's over.   And glad my little guy is feeling better.  He doesn't fight when we try to brush his teeth now, and he seems to be sleeping better.  Hopefully both of those changes will be permanent!

So there's a real life glimpse of what happens when Mom-responsibilities throw a wrench into the usual plan.  I could have asked my husband to watch Ethan in the evenings so I could get those miles in, but by the end of the day last week I just wanted to be home with  my guys.  At least I learned the importance of getting my miles in first thing in the morning so I can get on with my day without feeling "behind."  The Saturday long run was an alarm-clock issue technically.  Technically... but deep down I'm sure there was a part of me that felt defeated from being so "behind" and just wanted to wallow in my warm snuggly bed with my husband and toddler.  Yeah... probably that.

I received some great advice from my friend Janelle back when I was training for my half marathon.  She said that when you miss a run, forget about it.  Don't get caught in trying to "make it up" or beat yourself up for being "behind."  Just move on and get over it.  That advice would have served me well last week - and it'll serve me well this week. 

One two mile run down for the week... four more runs to go!

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