Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's On!

I'm officially tracking my mileage for the "Mama Sue Slo-Serb" Fundraiser. :) So far this month (which is only, like 4 days old) I've put in 1.75 miles on my Tuesday run, and 2 miles on my Thursday run. I'm planning on doing 2.25 miles on Sunday - for a total of 6 miles this week. Wee!

I've had several inquiries about pledging (how, how much, etc) but no official pledges yet. Please forward my blog to anyone that you think would be interested in supporting Coram Deo's Slovenia-Serbia English Camp team by pledging "money for miles" that I run in June. :) And please consider supporting me in my training by supporting the Slo-Serb team!

Please email me if you have questions or want to pledge!
You can email me at

Stay tuned!

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