Sunday, July 26, 2009

I finished week 1 of 10k training!

So technically I finished the first week of 10k training on Tuesday. :)

But I stayed in week 1 for Thursday and today so that Sheri and I could be on the same page to enjoy our "final" run of each week together. We decided to run earlier than usual today to beat the heat. I'm not sure how hot it's supposed to be right now, but it was definitely hot enough for us during our run this morning.

Part of me really wishes I could run and not be effected by the weather. However I have noticed that the times I've run in direct sunlight and heat - I've always had a much harder time. I still finish, but it's definitely harder. I'd like to learn how to care for my body when I do need to run in the heat - then I'll be able to find out if I'm just not meant for it, or if I just have to take a couple steps to make sure I'm taken care of.

Fun days ahead- I'll keep you all posted!


Oh! And I ran in my cute new running skirt today. Yay! Thank you to Daniel for buying me a fun little skirt and tank top so that I can feel like a princess when I run, rather than a frumpy lump of newbie. Haha.


  1. I was writing a comment, and then I found a post on runner's world that was basically what I was saying, but better. So here's my comment ripped from runner's world with some additions by me. Longest Post EVER.

    YES, running in the sun is WAY more difficult than running in ideal, cool cloudy conditions. So, as seems logical, try to get your runs in in the morning or run inside where it's cool.
    Sunrise is the coolest time of day, although it can also be the most humid. It will still be hot at sunset because the ground radiates accumulated heat.

    Technical fabrics wick away sweat (vs. the ever-despised cotton). Keep sun out of your eyes with a visor, not a hat, which traps heat. Sunglasses and sunscreen also come highly recommended.

    Hydration is vital, as is replenishing your electrolytes (especially on longer runs). My favorite beverage additives are watered-down NUUN tablets or just really watered down powerade (check the sugar content though on powerade/gatorade). Drink eight ounces of liquids before you head out and two to four sips of water every 15 minutes.

    Be aware that every five-degree rise in temperature above 60° F can slow your pace up to 20 to 30 seconds per mile. Don't push too hard. If you run for three minutes and walk for one minute when it's 60° F, run for two minutes and walk for one at 70° F, and run and walk for one minute each at 80° F. Above 90° F? Just walk.

    On the upside, it doesn't take as long to warm-up when one is running in the sun and you can feel super hardcore. Also it gives you a good excuse to run through sprinklers : )

    I realize you probably already know most of this, i just wanted to reinforce and commiserate with you on running in this ridiculous weather.

    Happy running becca sue!

  2. I hear ya on the running in direct sulight thing. I just about died today. Well, not really, but it is much more difficult. I'm proud of you for finishing the first week! Woohoo! I finished up Week 3 today. Yay1 I don't even want to think about week 4 - lol.