Saturday, July 18, 2009

I thought of you guys today... and it kept me on track :)

Coming back from our vacation threw our gym schedule off track. Mostly because I struggle with perfectionist tendencies, and the fact that we missed three days at the gym while on vacation made it difficult for me to decide what to do at the gym with my other two weekdays. Thursday I ended up going for a walk at Glendoveer with Ethan, and today I procrastinated until about 5pm.

It was quite the sight, I'm sure. I was working on some curriculum stuff for my class and got to feeling really sweaty and gross. It's been hot this week, and feeling sweaty and gross always makes me wish I were about 40 pounds smaller... so that there'd be less of me to fold over and create sweat pockets (nice visual, I'm sure). So I talked myself into being spontaneous and going to the gym at that moment. I got all excited and went to jump in the car and realized I needed to...

Pack my bag
Pack Ethan's bag
Find my running clothes (oops... they're in the wash... oh well!)
Find new running clothes (obnoxious pink shorts and a black tshirt... who cares how I look!)
Change Ethan's diaper
Change Ethan's shirt
Double-check that I have my i-pod... oops!
Hand Ethan the keys to keep him happy while I search...
No i-pod... check online to make sure I remember the intervals...
Get sucked into facebook and cafemom...
Almost give up...
Remember this blog!

Ooooooooh! This will be a funny story for the blog! :) So I finally packed everything into the car (including Ethan) and we went to the gym without Daniel. Sad! Ethan loved Kids Klub, and Mommy got to put in her second day of 10k training. Yay!

Alternative title for this post: Blog helps perfectionist overcome fitness-impairing OCD

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  1. I LOVE it!! Thinking about you keeps me on track. So I'm glad that "we" could do it for you.
    BTW you looked Fantastic while working hard. I really dislike those little bitty things that run forever and never have a hair out of place that look completely superior to those of us who are trying. You my dear, ALWAYS have a smile no matter how hard your workout is.
    YOU ROCK!!!