Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hardest Run Yet - For The Win!

I ran my hardest run yet today - and I'm on cloud nine about it! I mapped out a route that started at Gresham Main City Park and went on the Spring Water Trail towards my friend Sheri's house, and then caught up with where we usually run when we start at her house and head towards downtown Gresham.

I had two goals in mind;
1.) To complete the 2 sets of 29min
2.) To run 5 miles.

Running by myself outside was a little harder than I'd anticipated, and I felt like I was just crawling along so slow! I must have been going fast enough, though... I managed to squeeze in an entire half mile extra into the same amount of running time. :) I did end up walking a couple extra minutes in between sets, as the last three minutes of my first set were up a long hill. Not a super-steep one compared to what I'll be facing on race day, but a longer climb than I've ever run before. I wasn't sure if I should be trying to power up the hill like on smaller/steeper ones, or if I should be trying to keep pace and stay strong. I'll have to ask one of my more experienced buddies about that one.

When I got close to the park - where Daniel and Ethan were waiting for me - my alarm went off to signal the end of my second set. I wasn't sure how much distance I had to complete a full 5 miles, but I was so eager to be done and be back to my guys that I settled for completing the intervals and made a point to remember to look up my mileage when I got home... so I could see how short I fell.

Now that I know I only had half a mile left... I feel a little silly! I sort of want to go back out there and kick that half mile's booty... but I'll have to wait. I need at least one day to rest my little newbie legs, and will have to arrange for someone to entertain Ethan while I run.

Next weekend, I'll get to join my friend Kaylee on the last 5 miles of her first marathon! I'm super excited and really look forward to supporting her, and to seeing if I can keep up with her. It will be the last 5 miles of her marathon... but she's still pretty fast. :)

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