Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pictures from My First 5k!

I already wrote about the 5k right after it happened, but wanted to share some fun pictures from that day. :) Most of these are on Facebook already, but now they're here too!

Me and Sheri before we lined up to start. Ethan was confused, I think.

What's this? Teagan and Katie are running today too! I was excited.

Ethan waving at me while I go to line up at the starting line!

Waving at Dan's parents - yay!

This is my, "OHMIGOSHAREWEDONEYET!?!!?" Face... Still smiling, though!

I think this was our actual time... I can't be sure though. But it looks good... haha.

After: I could blame that face on my runner's high... but I always smile like that... haha.

We did it! Me and Sheri after the race. :)

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