Saturday, September 12, 2009


Per my last post - I'm having a hard time picturing myself doing well on this upcoming run. I know that all I can do is train my hardest and then give it my all on race day. Looks like I'll be doing some hill-training in the coming month to help prepare my body and mind for this upcoming adventure!

It is funny to think about me, the girl who use to fake sick to get out of PE (where we only ever ran like two laps to warm up), is actually planning on running 6 miles through trails and hilly neighborhoods.

Lord, as I take these steps and push myself physically - would you meet me? People talk of running in order to better know themselves, and I do want that, but I know I NEED You. If there's a way for You to show me something about Yourself (which I'm sure there is because You're really creative and smart) through this whole experience... would You do so? Surprise me with Your love and greatness.

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  1. Mama Sue, don't be intimidated. You have been training, you have put in the work, you will conquer that race. Believe in yourself! I know you will do it!