Friday, January 15, 2010

Operation: Love Muffin

On Facebook I started a little fan group called, "Running on Muffins & Love" to help keep my Facebook friends in the loop about my training process.  It's been a fun way for me to share blog posts, race pictures, and to sweet-talk people into buying muffins to help me raise money for the Disney trip.

I got this crazy idea back in December to buy some cute boxes to put muffins in for Valentine's Day, and Daniel encouraged me to find some other sorts of things to offer as well.  He gave me some great tips on putting together little packages that would make Valentine's shopping simple for guys and that would help us raise money for our trip.  The idea got bigger and bigger and I was getting nervous about investing money into the project.   

"What if we buy a bunch of junk and no one is really feeling in a Valentine's-ey mood?" I asked him.
"Well, then we'll chalk it up to a good learning experience for you, and move on." was his response.  Along with telling me that he was proud of me for how hard I've been working to raise money for our trip, and that he was impressed with how "industrious" I am.  He's just too sweet. 

Then he actually laid down some of his own money to help cover the cost of some of the materials, and he encouraged me to really go for it.  And I did.  I'd already done tons of research, and I found some great sources for roses, candies, cute packaging, and even some great ideas for crocheting little Valentiney amigurumi friends.  I've been getting Fed-Ex packages every day this week, and am expecting a nice shipment of 100+ roses to be delivered to my door on February 11th.  Giving me just enough time to hydrate, arrange and deliver bouquets to people in time for them to be dropped off at work on Friday the 12th, or delivered at home on the actual V-Day. 

So there you have it.  That's the story behind Operation: Love Muffin.  It's a short story, but it's a fun one.  I'm humbled to have such a supportive and encouraging hubby, and I'm looking forward to blessing him by taking more of the load off his shoulders as I raise money through Operation: Love Muffin.  :)

(If you'd like more information, check me out on Facebook!  I'm listed as Rebecca Sue Congdon and have created a fan page which you can find here.  And here are some pictures to spark your curiousity!)

I made this little guy!

I also made this little guy!

The "You Have My Heart" Package (I'm really cheesy, sorry)

The "Say it with Cookies" Package - with personalized cookies!

The "So Cute Your Head Might Explode" Package - with yarn + cookie cuteness

The "Triple Threat" Package - with body care items, chocolate AND roses

Don't miss out on the info about the Diamond Pendant I'm giving away through Operation: Love Muffin!


  1. Are you selling the dinosaur? It is so cute!

  2. I am! He's $15 by himself, or he can come in package number three (with some cookies!), or you can add him to any of the other packages for only $10. :D Check out the info on FB!