Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It wouldn't be a blog without the Gospel

This is the point in my blog where I tell you that God designed you to be in relationship with Him, to love Him with your whole heart and to worship and trust Him. Great news, right? Bad news - we all fail at loving God with our whole heart. We all love ourselves first - if we're honest. Since God is infinitely worthy of all of our worship, the fact that we love ourselves first is really a cosmic tradgedy and infinite crime. But the best news is that God sent Jesus Christ to pay the punishment for our crime and raised Him from the dead so that we could be reconciled to God. In Jesus we have the free gift of God's grace, we're set free from slavery to sin, and we're given a new heart to love God like we should. We joyfully await the return of our King Jesus, when we will finally live in His presence face to face. Why the wait? Because God is patient and kind and wants many to come to salvation.

There - short story. Now, repent and trust Jesus! If you're already trusting in Him - woohoo! Now don't waste your life, go out and live each moment on mission to spread the good news of His grace and His soon coming return.

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