Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Welcome to See Mama Run!

I finally managed to figure out this whole blog deal - and would like to invite you to follow me on a journey. Earlier this year I chose to start training for a 5k. I chose the "Couch to 5K" running program to get me started. Round one involved me and Babyman in a jogging stroller, jogging around Glendoveer Fitness Trail. I got shoes and a stroller for Christmas, and dreamed of someday running in a Disney World marathon.

By Day 2 of Week 2, thanks to some emberassingly ridiculous running form, my knees were absolutely toast. I hobbled around like a granny for almost two weeks and finally gave up all hope of ever being a runner. That is - until a couple weeks into our membership at LA Fitness. During my cardio workouts I was using the heart monitor on the treadmill to keep my heart in the correct "target range," and noticed that every time I went to do cardio I was having to work even harder to get my heart rate up. I saw my body getting stronger! One day I had to turn the speed up to 3mph, and I realized that I was jogging. Which got me thinking that I might just give the Couch to 5K thing a try again. I made it through week 1 without injury, and was actually feeling really strong. Then I found out in one of my online running groups that a bunch of the ladies were going to sign up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon in March 2010. It seemed like a long shot, but I talked to Daniel about it and he encouraged me to sign up for it and promised to support me along the way.

So that's the short version! I'll be using this blog to share my journey with all of you (friends and family). I'm less than a third of the way through the program, but the Lord is already teaching me some really valuable lessons about what it means to run hard after Him. I look forward to sharing all of those lessons with you in the days to come!

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  1. go girl....I will be watching your progress....