Monday, May 18, 2009

Week 3... OWNED!!

I have officially completed three weeks of 5k training. Woohoo! Today's workout was with Heidi and Sheri, a couple amazing friends from church who I recently learned are training to run as well. It's a huge blessing to push myself in their presence, to feel their support and to support them as well. It's a very healing experience, since I opted out of connecting with other people over physical fitness back in junior high. LOL.

Jesus is really something... He can even redeem junior-high inflicted PE wounds. He's not messing around! :)

I'm already excited for week 4, which I will officially start on Tuesday. It will consist of;

3 minutes running
90 second walking
5 minutes running
2.5 minutes walking

And then all of that twice... WOOT!

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