Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thinking about Pledging?

Someone posted a great question on the SloSerb Fundraiser post - how much is a typical pledge? Here's my response - in case anyone else is wondering as well.

That's a great question. I guess you could figure out how much maximum you'd be willing to give and divide that by the number of miles I'm hoping to run. I'm shooting to log 30 miles in June. So you could pledge $1 per mile if you want to give $30, or $2 to give $60, etc. If you're really rolling in dough that you'd like to part with for the Kingdom's sake... you could pledge $125 per mile and send a whole team member to Slovenia/Serbia if I reach my goal. Haha.

Let me know! I'm going to create a little tracker to help me keep track of how much people are pledging, too. And if you're the first to pledge... I'll run a free mile in your honor. :D

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