Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Mama Sue Slo-Serb Fundraiser!

God calls us to be on mission to spread His gospel to the world. The Scriptures talk about people either being "go-ers" or "senders" and there is no middle ground. At this season in our lives, Daniel and I are senders. This summer our church is sending a team of students to Slovenia and Serbia to conduct English Camps as an opportunity to build relationships and share the love of Christ and the truth of the gospel. Caring for a toddler hardly makes me an ideal candidate to be a "goer" on this specific trip - but I can be a sender! Now, Daniel and I don't have tons of money flowing in - sort of a side effect of rejecting the American dream and living on one income so that I can raise the kiddo the Lord has blessed us with - but we forked it over along with fellow members of Coram Deo Fellowship a couple weeks ago. Our small church of 200ish people put together over $7,000 in one offering. Way to go Coram! This helps to put the team about 1/3 of the way towards their goal - and I have a great idea for how to help them along even more!

Between June 1st and June 27th , I will be logging each mile I do while I'm training with the Couch to 5k program. In June I'll be working through week 6 through 9 of the Couch t 5k, and I estimate that I'll log about 30 miles during my training runs. I'm inviting you to consider pledging an amount per mile that will go directly the to Slovenia/Serbia 2009 Team. How can you get involved? Here are some easy steps;

  1. Email me at to make your pledge
  2. Receive a confirmation email which will include a projected total pledge
  3. Tell all your friends!
  4. Keep checking back here in June to chart my progress
  5. June 28th: check your email for an official mileage report and friendly pledge reminder
  6. Fork it over for global missions!

It's that simple!


  1. Great lookin' blog, Becca Sue!

  2. Sounds great!! I can be a sender too!!
    So how much is the normal pledge?

  3. bhdolldesigns (is that you, Mom?)

    That's a great question. I guess you could figure out how much maximum you'd be willing to give and divide that by the number of miles I'm hoping to run. I'm shooting to log 30 miles in June. So you could pledge $1 per mile if you want to give $30, or $2 to give $60, etc. If you're really rolling in dough that you'd like to part with for the Kingdom's sake... you could pledge $125 per mile and send a whole team member to Slovenia/Serbia if I reach my goal. Haha.

    Let me know! I'm going to create a little tracker to help me keep track of how much people are pledging, too. And if you're the first to pledge... I'll run a free mile in your honor. :D