Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fun Run with my son & Week 4 Stinkies

Fun Run!

Yesterday when I hopped in the van to go to the gym, I was overwhelmed by how beautiful the day was and decided to take the jogging stroller to Glendoveer and do my run with Ethan. He LOVES the jogging stroller, much more than the regular stroller. When he saw it waiting in the living room he kept poking at it, and trying to figure out how to unfold it and crawl into it. He's so curious. And he was actually happy to be in it and waited patiently while I adjusted and buckled his harness - which is WAY out of character for him. Haha. I'm not sure if he just feels cooler in his sporty looking jogger, or if he enjoys the wind in his face, but either way he was one happy camper. :) I didn't end up completing the 3rd run of Week 3 according to the program, but I could tell I was definitely getting a workout. Between the hills (small... but still hills to a treadmill rat like me), bark trails, and pushing over 30lbs extra in front of me - I could feel my body maxxing out way sooner than it usually does. (In fact, when I'm running at my slow pace without any hills or stroller I feel very comfortable, which is a nice thought - considering my "slow pace" has increased from 4mph to 4.5 in the last month!) No i-pod and no stopwatch on my phone made watching the clock for intervals really horrible... and it was making me focus too much on the time instead of enjoying the run. So I just threw the plan out the window and enjoyed the scenery with my son. I got three more un-timed jogging intervals in before we ended the trail. It was a beautiful morning, and I'm really looking forward to taking Ethan with me on more runs... but probably not on bark trails with hills. :)

Week 4 Stinkies

Today I started week 4 of the 10k training. This week's intervals are supposed to be (5run/1walk)x6. I cheated a little bit and decided to take 2 minute walking breaks in between to make sure my heart rate stayed below it's max. I've been paying attention to that during my treadmill workouts and have noticed a big difference if I adjust my pacing to keep my heart rate in the "fat burn" zone rather than the "cardio" or max zone. I also noticed today that when my heart rate goes above the max, that's when my face starts to tingle. lol. I've only had my face tingle on me twice while running. Once during my 5k (for the last mile) and once on a Sunday run. Now that I think about it, both of those were in the heat! It's cool to learn that my body's signals have a point and that there is a difference between my body saying, "ow, this is uncomfy!" and "hey goof, you're pushing us too far!" And it's fun to learn the difference and be able to push myself when it's healthy and take a step back when it's truly necessary. I'm learning a ton!

Oh - and I smell. Bad. It was a proud moment when I realized that I was sweating profusely during my runs. I'd never really noticed it before starting this 10k training, and it makes me feel like my body is actually working hard! Like a shiny badge of honor! The only problem is - I let my running clothes sit in my gym bag for two whole days before washing them... oops. And now our laundry soap isn't making a dent in the funk that has settled in. Oh dear...

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