Saturday, August 1, 2009

Uh... I found my shoes...

So Daniel and I were sitting around on this nice warm Saturday discussing dinner plans, and the fact that we still don't know where my shoes are hiding. Then Daniel says, "have you looked under the oven? He's been hiding things in the warming drawer under the oven lately."

So I walked over there, with this strange feeling of certainty. That's exactly where my shoes are... I bet you!

I opened the warming drawer and found my shoes. Sitting in there with a dish towel, brackets for some drawers, instructions for the oven... Oh, and there's a green ring from a stacking toy hiding out in our pan cupboard.

Daniel just let me know that it's not uncommon for him to find his sandals in the warming drawer. Sneaky little hobbits!

In other adorable news, Ethan randomly decided that walking up to people and kissing them on the lips is his new favorite trick. Daniel was his first victim and was in the middle of talking to me when he saw Ethan's funny little puckered-up-fishy-kiss face coming right at him. Too. Much. Cute.

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