Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'm done with week 2!

Just wanted to let you all know - I'm really doing it! :)

On Tuesday I'll start my first run of week three. I believe the intervals for week three are 6 sets of 5min run/ 1min walk. From there, it slowly builds by adding one minute each week to each interval of running until week eight when it starts condensing the runs together into less intervals. I really enjoy how interval training sort of "tricks" me into running more longer each time. When I get to weeks where there are less intervals (but I'm running at for three times as long as the other intervals were) my focus is always on, "WEE!! I only have to do THREE intervals this time! woohoo!"

This morning was a hard start - I got about 5 hours of sleep and Daniel and I are both still dragging our feet. I used a trick I read on Runners World's website to help me stay focused. Every time I found myself saying, "I'm so TIRED! I don't want to do this!" I'd take it as an opportunity to remind myself that I WAD doing it. "I AM strong! Look at me go!"

Running really is a mind game. And I'm winning! Hahaha.

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