Sunday, August 16, 2009

Week 4 Down - Only 6 to go!

Day three of 10k training was today, and we had some lovely Oregon overcast weather for it. I love running when it's overcast and chilly! I must be built for the Northwest.

Ethan came with Sheri and I today in his jogging stroller. Usually he loves being in the stroller, but I think the change from being on the trails at Glendoveer to being on the roads in Gresham was rather boring for him. He just sort of chewed on his fingers and stared at us the whole time. He did get to see a cat, however. Which he barked at.

Week 4 went by smoothly, and I'm feeling great! It's very helpful to be able to run outside and not worry about watching a clock. Sheri covers that for us when we run together and I'm able to just enjoy the moment. I've found that when I'm focusing on the clock it puts me in "WHY do I have to do this?!" mode. Running is much more fun when you can just enjoy it and not focus on the time you have left.

I'm getting really excited about the Disney race... only 202 more days! lol. They haven't published the course map yet, so I don't know exactly where we'll be running, but I know it's through parks and along freeways. There will be lots to see!

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