Thursday, October 29, 2009

Know anyone who needs a wedding dress?

Because I've got a pretty one! My dream dress has been sitting in our back room in it's storage box (having been professionally cleaned and preserved) and is lonely. We talked and decided that even though I will miss her, she wants to be free to make someone else's dreams come true, too. Which is very convenient for me - because we're still scrimping and saving to put the money together for our trip to Disneyworld to run in the Disney Princess Half Marathon. :) I've got all the details posted in an ad on ebay... here's the link;

Maggie Sottero "Dion" Gown

And I've got some loverly pictures of her too!

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  1. Your dress is just gorgeous. Mine was a Maggie Sotero dress too(it got made into a baptismal gown for my daughters). I don't know anybody who's getting married, but for anybody who's reading this post and thinking about it, those dresses are NOT cheap and they are just beautifully made. If I would have realized I could get mine online only worn once for less I would have done it in a heartbeat. Good luck selling your dress!