Sunday, October 4, 2009

Marathon Wannabe'

My friend Kaylee ran her first marathon today! Her goal was to finish in under 4:55 - so that she could beat Tara from the last season of Biggest Loser. I haven't seen her official time, but I did hear that she finished well within her goal. Yay Kaylee!

For my run today, I actually planned to meet Kaylee at the 21 mile mark of her race and jump in with her to finish. I should have thought a little more clearly when I did the math during our planning phase (last night) and realized she'd be running at about a 10:20mpm pace. The fastest pace I've run - during a race and about to pass out - was 12:30mpm. I'm happy to say I made it with her for about 2.25 miles. Then I started feeling super dizzy and told her so - and she told me I should walk. So - I found myself walking by myself during the last few miles of the Portland Marathon today. Ha ha! I walked until I caught my breath and felt like myself again, and then alternated walking/jogging/stopping by the side of the road to try and find my friend Sheri who was running with our friend Janelle.

The crowd of volunteers and spectators was so encouraging! I clearly was not part of the race - I had no bib or chip - but everyone I ran by was all smiles and waving and cheering anyway. :) I kept having this battle in my head for the whole 5 miles; one side that was yelling at me to "stay out of the way!" because I was not registered. I was so worried I was going to get booted off the course and have my soul crushed. Haha. And the other side of me yelling at me for walking. Oh dear. Apparently I have a lot of angry/yelling issues that need to get dealt with. I do appreciate how running brings your emotional issues to the surface. :)

My REAL race is now less than a week away - WOOHOO! I'm actually feeling really confident and itching to get my run in... yay! Can't wait, can't wait!

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