Friday, October 23, 2009

Running on Muffins & Love!

My first half-marathon is only 135 days away and I couldn't be more excited! I'm starting to realize that perhaps choosing for my first half marathon to be on the other side of the country might have been a bigger logistical task than I'd anticipated. I love Disneyworld - we went there for our honeymoon and then again for a "oh dear, we got pregnant by surprise! Quick, let's take a vacation while we still can" trip. Going back there for a half marathon was the motivation I needed to get me through my 5k training earlier this year. Now I love running enough that I'd probably keep doing it for fun - but having a trip to Florida and making it a big deal is still a fun idea.

That said, Daniel and I are doing our best to be wise with our financial resources. Daniel works his little butt off to provide for us so that I can stay home with our son, and we're committed to paying for this trip WITHOUT going in to debt over it. That means a couple extra projects for Daniel, and little ol me trying to figure out how to lend a hand. That's where the muffins come in!

When my grandparents came to town for my 10k, they brought us a huge box of apples from an orchard near their house in Yakima. We were very thankful, but a little surprised and not sure what to do with so many apples. We love fruit, but how can two people eat all those apples before they go bad? Ethan's not a big fan of apples (he prefers squish-ier produce like bananas) so it'd be just me and Daniel trying to eat through the entire box. Then I got a fantastic idea!

"What if I baked stuff with them, and sold them to help raise money for our trip?!"

I thought it was a novel idea that people would probably think was "cute" but not really be that into. But I figured it was worth a shot to throw it out there and see what the response would be. I found a great recipe for Apple Strudel Muffins (mmm!) and posted an announcement on facebook that I was selling them for $1 each. Almost immediately I got responses from my friends and family saying that they'd love to support me and putting in their orders. Over the last couple weeks I've baked over 200 muffins for family and friends. On top of that, my Mom and brother from South Dakota - who live much too far away to enjoy said muffins - are paying for me to bake an additional 200 and give them to various homeless outreach ministries. Can you believe it?!

The muffin-selling has been such a hit! Believe it or not, I've discovered that I LOVE baking. I must, to have baked over 200 already and still be thrilled at baking 200 more. I'm also excited t try new recipes. Perhaps a "Muffin of the Month" sort of deal? I'm thinking for November I will try Pumpkin Chocolate Chip. I'm even going to do a test batch using my own "picked it myself and carried it home" pumpkin. It'll be an adventure for sure!

Amidst all of the financial blessing that this venture has provided, it has given me an even more important gift. I honestly was not expecting to see so many people absolutely jump at the chance to support me. It has truly been a blessing to feel so loved and cared for.

My deepest hope in this whole situation is that someone would read/hear about my journey and recognize the power of God in my life and worship Him in response. This whole experience has really been a journey of me learning to apply the things I know to be true (in my head) to actual real life practice... like getting off my booty and using my body for what it's made for! The Lord made me to be strong, healthy and capable. And I really believe it now!

Running is a celebration of my God-given ability to move!

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  1. Rebecca, I've been keeping up with your blogs and they are such an uplifting inspiration. You are such a beautiful example of a godly woman, especially to young women like myself. I am praying for you and your goals, and that God would be glorified and His name known through all of this :)

    With all my love,