Saturday, November 21, 2009

Close to a Milestone!

I realized today - while constructing another ticker (aren't they fun?) - that I'm close to reaching one of my first weight loss milestones. My most recent weigh in was at 181lbs, which means I'm only 6lbs away from 175. The last time I weighed 175ish was in my sophomore year of college back when I started counseling. Somewhere in between my sophomore year and my wedding I packed on 20lbs and get married at 195. Perhaps all the counseling led to some emotional eating? I'm going to guess... yes.

It's excited to be so close to this milestone. It definitely won't be the end of my weight loss journey - my main goal is to get my body fat percentage in healthy limits. I'm shooting for "Fitness" level which is a range of 21-24%. Maybe when I reach that point I'll have the courage to aim for "Athlete" level (14-20%) but the Fitness level is a good mid-range goal. I still have to get out of the "Obese" range (only 1% more to go!!!) and through the "Acceptable" range. So I've got a road ahead of me. But I'm sure somewhere amidst the 246 miles I have to put in before my half marathon... there will probably be some fat melting off along the way. Better watch out!

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  1. That's awesome Becca Sue! Way to go! I, myself, and only about 2 pounds away from being in the "Normal" weight range and am pretty excited about that.