Monday, November 23, 2009


I had long run #3 this weekend. :) I think I announced that I was planning on doing it Saturday, but it actually happened Sunday morning. Kaylee was kind enough to meet me out at Gresham Main City Park and we ran 7 miles together in 1:23:01.

There's a stretch on the Springwater Trail that's just a little less than 2 miles, that's just really mentally difficult for me for some reason. It's gets especially hard once we cross Hogan (I think Hogan...) and run by some sort of construction/warehouse-yard thing. It might be my imagination, but it seems like that part of the trail is like a 1 or 2% incline. Which shouldn't be a problem because I'm using that at the gym on the treadmill. Perhaps I just had one hard run there and now it's become a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Now that I've done 3 long runs through that section, and run the last two completely without walking (hill and all) I've reinforced a nice predictable sequence in my mind;
1.) I start running and feel awkward
2.) I pass Regner and start feeling sorry for myself
3.) I pass Hogan and start negotiating about walking
4.) I keep running
5.) I hit my emotional/mental wall
6.) I run up that crazy hill on Palmblad & feel like puking
7.) I hit my runner's high and love the rest of my run. :)

I think I'm going to keep using that section as my starting point during runs. The more I have to face those "I can't do this!" moments, and prove that I CAN do it, the stronger I'll be for my half marathon. Mentally and physically.

Plus, it's good to have practice doing something I know is good for me when I don't FEEL like doing it.

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