Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Trot

We did it! We had our little Congdon Family Turkey Trot this morning. The Wilbanks family joined us - Tre, Kelly and Max, their doggie. It wasn't super cold, but we had a nice soaking mist the whole time. I actually don't mind the moisture if it means there won't be sun in my face - so it was a good trade in my opinion. :)

Unfortunately, there were no pictures. :( But we'll have some nice funny memories. Ethan went with Mama and Kelly for the first 1 miles, and Tre and Daniel walked with Max. When we ran into the guys again after doubling back, we took Max for a mile. Then we waited for the guys at the trail head and handed off both "babies" and did the last mile by ourselves. When we met back up with the husbands + babies, we got to hear all about Ethan's adventures on the bridge. Daddy let him throw stuff off of it into the water (sticks and rocks) and he also let him spit off the bridge. Nice, huh? That's my boys. Ethan did a little toddler-jog for the last few yards and we cheered for him when he crossed the "finish line." He just blankly stared at us. Perhaps next year it'll be a little more exciting? Overall, it was a nice, relaxing, fun run. I'm glad we went, and would love to see it become a tradition. :)

Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll!

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