Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's with your Muffin Ticker?

Perhaps you've already noticed the little "Muffin Ticker" here on my blog, or on my Facebook. If not - here's what it looks like;

I sat down and did some math to figure out how many muffins I'd have to bake/sell at $1 a piece in order to pay for the entire Half Marathon trip. For every $1 I raise, .40 cents is spent on materials (flour, sugar, eggs, etc.) and .60 is left over. We plan on honoring the Lord with our money (yes, even Muffin Money) so .10 of every dollar gets rolled into our monthly tithe (I should write a post about all the stuff the Lord is teaching us about money right now) which leaves .50 to go into our trip fund.

Our goal between now and March is to save up $1600 to cover our hotel and food while there. Daniel has been working like a maniac to provide for us, and I'm doing whatever I can to make that $1600 not a concern for him. So my goal is to bake and sell 3200 muffins between now and when we leave for our trip in March. It's a pretty ridiculous goal (who the heck is going to bake all those muffins!?) but I figured a ridiculous goal is better than no goal, and ya' never know who might want muffins, or might like supporting runners, or supporting Mamas trying to be all "Proverbs-31ish" and love their families.

So far, I've sold 490 muffins, which means I only have 2,710 more muffins to go! Woohoo!

So... anyone want muffins? :D