Thursday, November 26, 2009


I wanted to take a moment to share some of the many things for which I have to be thankful this Thanksgiving. Since it's 11:04pm (as I write) I haven't missed the boat yet! I do have a lot to be thankful for, and since this blog is running related I'll keep my list focused in that direction. It'll help me be concise. :D

This year, I am thankful for;
  • My wonderful husband, Daniel, who has supported me in more ways than I can count. He spends special time with Ethan on the weekends so I can do my long runs. He also works three jobs to support our family so that I am free to care for our home and our son. Without that sacrifice and hard work, I wouldn't have the (small amount of) free time that I have to devote to running.
  • My awesome in-laws, Jon & Harriet Congdon, who have so generously blessed Daniel and I in these first few years of our marriage. We live in an adorable house on their property, they usually spend one evening a week hanging out with Ethan so Daniel and I can have a date, and have - on several occasions - been willing to watch Ethan for me at the last minute when I'm panicking about fitting in a run. She has also been gracious enough to let me borrow her Kitchenaid mixer - which makes all this baking a lot easier.
  • Jeannette Strot, who has been letting me borrow her muffin tins and cooling racks. I was in really sorry shape for a baker with just my six-muffin-tin and my wisk.
  • My first running parter, Sheri Stafford, with whom I trained for and ran with in my first 5k and 10k races. It's been a blessing to share this journey with her and to see the growth we're both experiencing because of the commitment we've made to use our bodies for God's glory and RUN.
  • Kaylee, my "friend who ran a marathon" - who has been running with me on my long runs during my half training. She's given me the encouragement I needed to keep running when I felt like walking or whimping out on a hill.
  • Heather @ RunFasterMommy, for her inspiring blog posts and all that she's shared in the Running Moms group I found on CafeMom when I first got the running bug over a year ago.
  • (Now that I think of it...) The Running Moms group on CafeMom - which has provided encouragement, advice and motivation as I've set - and achieved - what I once thought to be impossible. They inspired me to sign up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon, which kick-started my training.
  • My adorable Mom and funny little brother, who thought it'd be funny send me $200 and ask me to make 200 muffins for charity. Little did they know that I'd actually find someone to take all those muffins and that I'd actually do it. Tonight I baked the last 18 of those 200. HA!
And a special THANK YOU to all of the wonderful people who have supported me in my journey by buying muffins;
Scott Olsen
Britni Foster
Melissa Zollner
Alyssa Jordan
Aletha Brennan
Jenn Kirkpatrick
Haley Baker
Jeremy Buscholz
Heidi Olsen
Hannah Hayes
Charity Curtis
Kelly Wilbanks
Kelsey Daniels
Beth Lane
Melissa Points
Jenni Weideman
Lisa Hezmalhalch
Kaylee Krout
Hafidha Acuay
Erica Fife
Rhoda Miller
Grandma Congdon
Harriet Congdon
Laurie Quigley
Sheri Stafford
Cheree Hayes
Mary McGlothlan
Elaine Dickman
Laura Chapman
Marissa Gleason
Nancy Yelvington
Jonie Kurns
Cindy Dearborn
and my Mom. And my brother Jordan.

*PHEW! I love you guys!

Thanks to all of these lovely people, I've been able to make over 700 muffins towards my goal of 3200 in time for the race. Each muffin I sell nets about50 cents towards my trip. It doesn't sound like much but it adds up!

And thanks to those of you who have been reading my blog and encouraging me with your comments. It's a blessing to know there are people following me on this journey and rooting for me along the way.

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