Thursday, December 10, 2009

7 miles on a treadmill

That's right. I ran 7 miles on a treadmill today. It just so happens that my speed workout this week (intervals) added up to 7 miles once all the counting was done. Here's what I did (for those who are into that sort of thing);

1.5 miles @ 4mph to warm up
1 mile @ 5 mph for a modest speed interval
.5 mile @ 4mph to recover my heart rate
1 mile @ 5.3 mph to really kick my butt... I'm so proud!
.5 mile @ 4.2 mph to recover my heart rate
.5 mile @ 5.3 mph
.5 mile @ 4.2 mph
.5 mile @ 5.3 mph
1 mile @ 4 mph-ish

Some of those recovery jogs were part jogging, part fast walking. I was trying to concentrate on really getting my heart rate and my breathing back down to a comfortable pace so I could really push it during the speed interval.

I LOVED running at 5.3mph. It's the fastest I've EVER run on a treadmill, and I can't believe I did a whole mile at that pace. :) I felt so strong and so proud of myself. It's really a good feeling. Especially when I think back to the first time I stepped on to one of those treadmills in April and was pushing maximum heart rate at 2.8mph walking. Yikes. I had no idea how far I could come.

I can't wait to see what my body is capable of in these next few months!

I'm due for an 8 mile long run this weekend, and the weatherman is predicting snow. I say, BRING IT!

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  1. Awesome! Way to go! I'm hoping that my attempt at running longer distances on the treadmill goes as well as yours! Congrats!