Thursday, December 10, 2009

Spin Class #2

I did it. I went back for another butt-kicking yesterday. The interesting twist is, that there was a different teacher. This one seemed less like a "kick your teeth in" sort of gal, and more like a "kindergarten teacher" sort of gal. She was kind enough to come show me where my seat was supposed to be based on how tall/short I am, and when I told her it was my second class she said she wanted me to work hard but that she wanted it to be "fun." So if I felt like I needed to back off of the intensity a little bit, that was okay. What a sweet thing to say.

And then she started in on the "this is supposed to hurt" stuff.

Silly Spin instructor. :)

We did do this really fun drill at the very end where you're supposed to pretend you're starting at the beginning of a race and trying to get ahead of all the other riders. You set your gear up as high as you can, "get ready" and then start pedaling as aggresively as you possibly can for 30 seconds while standing. Then you take the gear down and do some recovery "sprinting" while sitting on your booty for another 30 seconds, and then you repeat that two more times.

The instructor said something that caught me a little funny at the beginning of the last set. She said, "this is your last one, so be sure to really ATTACK it hard!" I thought that was a really funny way of thinking about it. At least for me. I'm not really an aggresive, "attack-ey" sort of person. But I tapped into something aggresive and "attacked" the last set and really liked it. Then I got all adrenaline-y and wanted to go bark at something or kickbox.

I think spin class is going to be good for me.

And I plan on going back to the "kick your teeth in" lady who made me almost puke the first day.

Fun, fun, fun.

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  1. You make me laugh. "I'm not really an attack-ey kind of person." You're awesome, Becca Sue. I'm glad you enjoyed it the second time around.