Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I just had to post a picture of this here.  It's a set of little birdies that I crocheted for my friend Emily Wagner.  They're to be her adorable baby girl Ellie's Christmas gift this year, and I made it to match her room.  You can see the cuteness that is Ellie's room by checking out the Wagner Family Blog. You can also read about the amazing journey that the Lord has taken the Wagners on in 2009.  Ellie was delivered 12 weeks early via emergency cesarean, and spent a long time in the NICU.  Today she is a happy and healthy 9 month old -(who has even survived the H1N1 virus!) and is a constant source of joy, and evidence of God's mercy.  I've been blessed to hear about how the Lord has given both Emily and her husband Kit the peace and trust in Him that they needed to get through this year.

Emily was kind enough to be my first "custom order" in my effort to raise money for my trip by creating calorie-free cuteness... of the yarney variety.  So cute! 

Thanks Emily!  And if anyone else is interested in a custom project, just shoot me an email at, leave a comment with your contact info, or find me on Facebook. :)

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