Friday, February 26, 2010

8 Days to Go... For Reals This Time

If you were paying attention, yesterday I accidently calculated that I only had 8 days to go before my race.  Oops.  I stand corrected.  There are NOW 8 full days between me and my first half marathon.  I've never been sure how you're supposed to do countdowns.  Is it based on the number of full days left? Or on midnight? Or the number of times you will sleep until then?  I personally favor the "number of sleeps" remaining.  Though, having the leisurely life of a stay-at-home Mama, I have more than the occasional nap.  We'll just decide not to count those.

Good then, I'm glad that's settled.

So - wait... that makes 9 more sleeps.  Boo.

Back to 8 full days then.


What is a first-timer to do 8 days before her first half marathon?  Today I went with my friend Ashley to REI to check out GU packs and energy bars and such.  I read on the race information that there is a "food station" at mile 8 which consists of Clif Shots.  I've never dealt with such things first hand, and figured if I'm going to have access to them at mile 8 of the race, I should give them a try on my last long run.  I'm guessing that a six mile "long run" probably doesn't compare to what I'd be feeling at mile 8, or even mile 10 - but I can at least try them out and see how I feel.  My worst nightmare is that I'd get an unruly tummy and end up poo-ing myself.   Rumor has it that surprising your system with a foreign goo-pack can make that sort of thing happen.  I'm not 100% sure that I'll use the Clif Shots when I'm out there on the race course, but if I do have problems with them tomorrow, at least I'll know for sure to stay away.

To Goo... or not to Goo?


  1. I'll be cheering on all of my cafemom running moms on race day. I'm very excited for you all. Your progress has been so awesome to watch and inspiring for me to see it can happen for me also if I stay dedicated. Good Luck on race day. Read Heather's blog about the GU's and stuff. She seems to be very knowledgable about all of that and the consequences it has on your tummy.

  2. I have never tried the Cliff Shots either, I am planning on bringing my GU gels with me. I don't want to try something new during the race.
    I can't beleive it is only 8 days, I am getting so excited.

  3. I'm just now getting fully caught up on reading blogs. I read your other post on the outcome of using the Clif Shots but didn't have a picture in my head (I do now!) of what they looked like.

    Anyway, that night I dreamed about them. Kit and I were at some ambiguous grocery store, and I told him how we needed to think about trying them. They were in clear bags and the actual goo was the color of brown paper bags. Not too appetizing. (Not to mention that we have no need of using them.)