Monday, February 15, 2010

Operation: Love Muffin - Done and Done (well... almost)

My yarney crew

I have one more Triceratops to finish and deliver, and then Operation: Love Muffin will officially be closed!

I want to send a sincere "THANK YOU!" to every person who supported me by ordering cute yarney dinosaurs, roses, cookies, candies, muffins and cards.  This whole experience was definitely quite the adventure, to say the least.  I'm sure some of you are interested in the details, so I figured I'd fill you in!

  • 7 dinosaurs, a lion, and two smiley little hearts made several Valentine's Days brighter with their yarney cuteness
  • 86 cookies said "I love you" for some people
  • Each of the 9 rose bouquets found a new home in the arms of someone who loves them
  • The candy pouches weren't as big of a hit - only 4 of them went. Oh well... 9 more bags of chocolate for me! I'm sure I'll find a way to cope with it! ;)
This was a great learning experience for me. Some items sold more than I guessed - like the dinosaurs! And some sold less - like the candy pouches. In the process I managed to create 4 of my own crochet patterns, which will hopefully do well posted on Etsy.  I'll have to let you all know when I get them posted. :)

The most significant thing that I got from this experience, is that I am loved. Truly and deeply.  I know that probably half of the folks who humored me by buying gifts for their loved ones are usually the ones who protest such "manufactured holidays."  Yet they put money down on silly trinkets because it helps me pursue a major life change.

My biggest hero in this whole thing is my husband.  He put down half of the money needed to buy supplies, and told me that even if I didn't make a penny he was glad to support me and to see what I learn in the process. 

For the record I did manage to break even.  On paper the profit was just about $35.  Not super impressive. But we took a risk, learned a lot, had a great adventure, and were blessed and cheered on by our loved ones.  I can't wait to actually finish my race and do everyone proud!

Again - THANK YOU!

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