Thursday, February 25, 2010

Only 9 days!

There are only  9 days between now and my race, and only 7 before we leave for Florida.  Woohoo!
Between now and race day I will be teaching the last session of my Life Work class, packing, and trying not to get freaked out about the whole thing.  

I'm sure it's going to be a wonderful experience.  And I'm looking forward to sharing it with all of you. 

Tonight Daniel and I went to the gym and did another round of Couch to 5k together.  He's still in week two, after missing two weeks (or more?) of running because of a trip to California and being nervous to get back in there.  We did a few extra sets together to complete 2 whole miles, and then he headed off to the bikes while I did enough extra sets to finish out three miles.
Tapering sure feels counterintuitive.  I've read all kinds of articles and heard from other runners that pulling back on the amount of mileage you do in the two weeks before a half marathon really does improve your performance.  It just feels SO weird to go from doing 5-6 mile speed runs (which should have been up to 8-10 miles if I hadn't gotten sidetracked with injuries and a cold) and 10 mile long runs, to then doing a 6 miler.    It also feels strange to be skipping all of my weight-lifting sessions for over two weeks.  You're only supposed to lay off of them for the two weeks prior, but because I was sick last week, I didn't get any sessions in then, either! My poor trainer is going to forget who I am, for sure.  Or she's going to annihilate me with some crazy workout when I get back.  At this point, I'm itching to get back into the weights scene, which is a good feeling.  For a while I was really dreading my workouts and wishing I could just run everyday.

My life is full of so much *drama!*  

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