Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Long Time No Blog!

It's definitely been too long since I checked in with an update about my training.  I should be in bed resting up for my speed workout tomorrow morning, but I wanted to make sure I dropped a little "update" for those of you who are wondering how I'm doing. 

  • I completed my first (of two) 10 milers last Saturday!
  • When we hit mile 9 of that run, Kaylee announced the time (1:49:00) - 21 minutes FASTER than my run the week before.  WHAT?!?
  • My husband finished his first week of Couch to 5k - with me at his side - last week!
  • My son has been spontaneously shouting "wun-een!" while walking around outside, and then bursting into a little baby-jog across the yard.  I think he's ready for his race!
  • On Monday I finished my two mile easy jog in less than 24 minutes - with a sub 12m/m pace. Yay!
  • Oh - and there are now only 5 days left to get your entries in the Diamond Pendant Giveaway!  Check out Operation: Love Muffin and email me at if you'd like more info!
So those are the updates for now, friends!  I'll keep you posted as I complete another week of training, and as Daniel gets through week 2 of C25K.

Did I mention I'm starting to get anxious about our trip to Disney? Not in the nervous way, but in the "I'm-SO-FREAKING-Excited-I-Can't-Even-Sleep-So-I'm-Blogging-At-1am" sort of way. 


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  1. Becca Sue, I'm so proud of you! Do you ever think back to when you first started? That wseems like a looong time ago, but it's not really! I remember when you ran your first entire 1 mile with no walking. Wow! Now it's 10 miles no sweat! (or maybe a little... or a lot. But still, it feels good now right?!) You're gonna kick Disney's patootie. Wohooo! (and yes, I said patootie!)